Billing Information

2019 Bimonthly Charges for Water, Sewer & Stormwater (Single Family Residential Rates)

Service Base Usage per CCF (CCF = 100 Cubic Feet)
Water Service
Plus Water Consumption

1-10 CCFs

$4.93 per 100 cubic feet (CCF)
Water Consumption
11-32 CCFs$5.93 per 100 cubic feet (CCF)
Water Consumption
Over 32 CCFs$7.68 per 100 cubic feet (CCF)
Sewer Service
Plus Sewer
$2.80 per 100 cubic feet (CCF)
Stormwater$22.90No Usage Charge


Fee TypePriceService
Late Fees10% of past due amountService termination approximately 17 days later if still unpaid
Returned Check$25Possible disconnection without notice
Service Termination$50Invoice total plus termination fee must be paid in full to restore service
Self Turn on$200Water meters are the property of the City of Mountlake Terrace. Meter tampering will result in additional fees and charges

Payment Arrangements

Payment arrangements, which will not eliminate late fees or notices, may be made with an email request to Utility Billing, in person at City Hall, or by phone. Please include your account number in the subject line of your email.

Change or Cancel Service

If you wish to close an account contact Utility Billing. If selling, please have the name of the escrow company ready when you call. Estimated final bills are based on past usage and will not be adjusted for under or over payment.

Webcheck Utility Lien Service

Washington State law requires title and escrow companies to contact cities and other local governments about utility liens when a property is sold. As a utility service provider, the City of Mountlake Terrace contracts with the Webcheck Canopy, Inc. service.

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