Animal Control

The Animal Control Officer works normal business hours. For urgent responses, please call 911.

Missing or Found Pets
Animals taken up by the Police department are held at PAWS in Lynnwood. 

Animal at Large
To protect the public and pets, the fine for allowing a dog to Run at Large is $200 per pet for a first offense. Fines increase with each offense and upon a 4th violation, a Criminal Citation may be issued to the owner.

If your pet is impounded, the fee is $175.00 with proof of current license. Unlicensed pets will be charged licensing fees at PAWS (with a $3.00 additional Service Fee). 
If you have lost a pet, you may email or leave a message at 425-744-6256.

If you find a dog running loose, please call 911. 
Animal Violations

Pet Licensing