SummerScape Day Camp

Our day camp offers an environment where your child can pursue interests, have fun and develop friendships. They receive kind and respectful support from staff each day. This is a traditional summer day camp where we play games, get messy with arts and crafts, go swimming in our life-guarded pool and go on off-site field trips.

Camp daily hours 9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. Before 6:30-9:00 a.m. and after 4:00-6:30 p.m. care available. 

Return completed registration packets to the Recreation Pavilion or scan/email them to 




Full-day care is also being offered for children 1st through 6th grades June 27-29 and August 28-30. Fees are listed below. Pre-registration is required and space is limited. We'll be taking the children swimming in our life guarded pool these days so please always send your child's swim gear including a towel along with them. 

Explorers Day Camp - children entering 1st & 2nd grades   

Camp Week Themes Fee
June 27-29 (3 days child care)   R$36 N$40 per day
July 5-7 (3 days) Stars & Stripes R$102  N$112
July 10-14 Lost in Space R$170  N$187
July  17-21 Wild about Wildlife R$170  N$187
July 24-28 Wizardry R$170  N$187
July 31-August 4 Once Upon a Time R$170  N$187
August 7-11 Superheroes Assemble R$170  N$187
August 14-18 Birds of Flight R$170  N$187
August 21-25 Creative Hands R$170  N$187
August 28-30 (3 days child care)   R$36 N$40 per day

Adventurers Day Camp - children entering 3rd-6th grades   

Camp Week Themes  
June 27-29 (3 days child care)   R$36 N$40 per day
July 5-7 (3 days) Stars & Stripes R$102  N$112
July 10-14 Out of this World R$170  N$187
July 17-21 Safari Season R$170  N$187
July 24-28 Wizards & Magic R$170  N$187
July 31-August 4 Decades of Music R$170  N$187
August 7-11 Mystery Week R$170  N$187
August 14-18 Color Wars...C.L.A.W. R$170  N$187
August 21-25 Outdoor Explore R$170  N$187
August 28-30 (3 days child care)   R$36 N$40 per day

Trailblazers Day Camp - children entering 5th-7th grades     

Camp Week Themes  
July 10-14 Great Outdoors R$270  N$297
July 17-21 Let's Have a Ball! R$270  N$297
July 24-28 Food Frenzy R$270  N$297
July 31-August 4 Summer Quest R$270  N$297
August 7-11 Who Dunnit?? R$270  N$297
August 14-18 Color Wars...C.L.A.W. R$270  N$297

CIT-Counselor-in-Training  Ages 13-14

This is the perfect opportunity for that teen who wants to learn how to work with children. It's a program that fosters leadership development by giving the teen opportunities to help and lead with many of the different day camp projects and responsibilities that happen throughout the summer. The CIT's assist lead day camp staff in setting up games, implementing craft projects, playing with the young campers, and helping to care for the children while out and about on field trips. These teens are honored and respected for their level of maturity while greatly appreciated for their youthful, playful spirit. CIT's are fully supervised by adults and supported with decision making. 

Registration is weekly. Eligible teens should be 13 by June 23, 2023. A CIT may be enrolled in a maximum of three weeks.  

Weeks of July 10-August 25 cost is R$45 and N$50. 

Register online using the DaySmart app:  here