Low Impact Development (LID)

The city LID code is currently being updated as required by the Department of Ecology.  All comments will be considered as part of the code update process. 

Low Impact Development (LID) is an approach to land development/re-development that works with nature to manage stormwater as close to where it falls as possible. The LID approach seeks to mimic pre-development conditions to the greatest degree possible. It can reduce water pollution from runoff, reduce future flooding risk in creeks and lakes, and add green spaces.  It is also required as part of the city's stormwater permit.

Presentations on the LID code update process

Draft code revisions

Update from Planning Commission meeting February 26, 2018

Staff met with the Planning Commission the evening of February 26, 2018 for an initial discussion of the proposed draft LID code updates, previously provided to the Commission members.  Topics of discussion included code changes that might affect open space provisions for planned unit developments; the importance of adding green spaces to the city; and how any LID changes might look as part of the Town Center development.  The Commission requested some examples (photographs and/or renderings) of LID implementations similar to what might be seen in the Town Center.  Staff offered to provide materials to the Commission before the LID code update public hearing at the end of March.  Staff and the Commission members determined that it was not necessary to have another LID code update meeting before the public hearing, and the March 12th LID code update discussion with the Planning Commission was canceled.  The Planning Commission will next meet regarding the LID code updates during the public hearing for the updates on March 26th.  The hearing will be held at the regularly scheduled time of 7 PM in the Mountlake Terrace Interim City Hall Council Chambers.