Transportation Master Plan Update

The current Mountlake Terrace Transportation Master Plan (TMP) was completed in November 2007 and is currently in need of an update. This update is necessary to reflect Mountlake Terrace’s current needs and vision for its transportation system and accommodate for the future demand of improved, safe and efficient mobility throughout the city.

The plan identifies existing conditions for the various modes of transportation, as well as proposed safety and mobility improvements. The TMP update will also conform to all requirements for comprehensive planning listed in the Washington State Growth Management Act Chapter 36.70A.RCW and be consistent with Puget Sound Regional Council Transportation 2040.

Much of the focus of the TMP update will be defining projects for improving the transportation system to address safety, connectivity, operational, and capacity needs; however, the TMP update will also address ongoing programs for preserving, maintaining, and reducing the demands on the existing transportation system. There will be opportunities for the public to comment on the plan as it is updated.

When complete, the TMP update will be a long-term directional and functional plan, which will address all forms of transportation in Mountlake Terrace. The adopted TMP will become a document that contains updated information and analysis and will provide new priorities, strategies, and guidance for responding to transportation issues and implementing capital improvement programs.

2020 Transportation Master Plan Update 

(Entire Document

Cover Page, Executive Summary, and Table of Contents


     II.Regulatory Compliance with State and Local Planning Agencies

    III.Public Outreach Program

    IV.Transportation Goals and Policies

     V.Motorized Plan

     VI.Pedestrian Plan

     VII.Bicycle Plan

     VIII.Public Transit Plan

     IX.Environment Considerations

     X.Maintenance and Operations Plan

     XI.Implementation and Funding Plan