Traffic Alerts

(See map below)
Updated 6/14/19

1. Atlas 236 – 55th Avenue W and 236th Street SW

Expect lane shifts on 56th Avenue W. Sidewalk will be closed on 236th St. SW between 55th Avenue W. and 56th Avenue W during the day.

2. Main Street Revitalization – 236th Street SW and 56th Avenue W

The Main Street Revitalization Project construction work on 236th Street SW and 56th Avenue W is ongoing and on schedule. Detour routes will be in place during the closures. Drivers should expect traffic delays at all road closure locations. During the week of June 17 through June 21, the following road closures will occur from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.:

Monday through Friday – 58th Avenue W will be closed to through traffic at 236th Street SW.

Monday – 58th Avenue W will be closed immediately south of 236th Street SW. Full access will be maintained at 58th Avenue W for all residences.

Monday and Tuesday – 56th Avenue W will be closed between 236th and 237th Streets SW. Full access for residences and businesses on 56th Avenue W will be maintained but motorists will need to enter the road closure from the south at 237th Street SW. In addition to detours, a uniformed police officer will be located at the intersection of 56th Avenue W and 236th Street SW to help direct travelers through the work zone.

On 236th Street SW, drivers will encounter lane shifts, however, traffic delays will be minor since travel will be maintained in both directions. Drivers, pedestrians and transit users should expect flaggers and occasional short-term detours while using 236th Street SW.

All construction work will take place on weekdays between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m.  The City is committed to provide safe travel with the least amount of impacts within the work zones for drivers, pedestrians and cyclists while still maintaining convenient access to businesses and residences in the area.  During peak traffic periods, drivers are recommend to take alternative routes.

3.    Ravenna Homes – 236th St. SW and 48th Ave. W

Expect lane shifts, lane closures and traffic control flaggers on 236th St. SW and 48th Ave. W. during asphalt paving at the site.