66th Ave W Pavement Reconstruction Project

Project Description

The pavement reconstruction of 66th Ave W will address the existing poor pavement condition while also improving pedestrian and bicycle facilities along the roadway. Significant street maintenance has not occurred since 2005 due to financial constraints and its deterioration has accelerated over the past several years.

66th Ave W serves as one of two access points between the Premera campus (with over 2,000 employees) and the I-5/220th interchange, as well as surrounding light industrial/office park areas (MLT & Lynnwood). This roadway also provides access to the Snohomish County Southwest Recycling & Transfer Station, an Essential Public Facility, which has contributed funds towards this project. In addition, the Interurban Trail crosses at the northern terminus of the roadway with non-ADA compliant curb ramps and no active warning devices. 66thAve W is also part of the City's planned bicycle network to connect the trail to the 220th St SW commercial corridor and residential properties south of 220th.

Project Goal

The proposed project would reconstruct the pavement along this roadway, provide a narrowed Interurban Trail crossing with active warning devices to improve trail user safety, and modify the vehicle channelization to provide two southbound vehicle travel lanes south of 216th St SW and one southbound lane north of 216th St SW. The project would also reconstruct 7 non-compliant curb ramps throughout this segment to meet current ADA standards and extend fiber optic cabling and conduit north from 220th St SW to the 216th/66th traffic signal to incorporate it into the regional signal management system.

Funding Sources

Washington State Transportation Improvement Board (TIB) -$2,353,000

Snohomish County Recycling & Transfer Station - $200,000

City of Mountlake Terrace Local Funds - $942,000

Project Timeline

Design and Contract Document Preparation – 07/2020 to 05/2021

Construction – Summer 2021

66th Ave W Pavement Reconstruction Project Vicinity Map