Biennial Budgets

The City of Mountlake Terrace operates on a two-year budget cycle. Starting in early 2024, we’ll be planning for the next budget for 2025-2026.

Major policy decisions lie ahead.Proposed Budget 2023-2024 - Cover Opens in new window

The General Government Funds have an operating budget of $40.3 million for 2023 and $38.2 million for 2024. (This past year saw a one-time boost from federal pandemic recovery dollars.)

Budget work is driven by the priorities in the City Council’s Adopted Goals from 2022.

How does the budget get adopted?

At its heart, the city budget is public money for public services. That’s why the process is conducted through open, public City Council meetings with hybrid attendance options. It’s also why we post the entire budget online, so anyone can take a look. Additionally, state law requires the city to host two public hearings for the budget, both of which will have notices printed in the newspaper. 

Keep an eye on our website for more information as the budget schedule develops, with public hearings likely to start in fall 2024. We’ll also share updates through our social media channels.

Biennial Budget Books - As Adopted

2023-2024 Budget Updates