Rental Housing Licenses

If you are located within the Mountlake Terrace City limits and wish to rent units in your home or on your property, a city license application through the Department of Revenue website is required. If the rental is separate from the main house, an Accessory Dwelling Unit Application  or, if you are renting within your home, a Residential Rental Units Business License Application through Community and Economic Development, is required. Additionally, a Certificate of Occupancy Application needs to be submitted to the city.

The Residential Rental Business License and Inspection Ordinance was adopted in June of 2010 authorizing the Residential Rental Inspection Program to be implemented January 2, 2012. Implementation follows an 18-month public process to establish specific details and fees. The new program addresses illegal housing units (such as unpermitted conversions of single-family houses and their outbuildings) and basic safety or hazard issues for rental housing. These regulations would include minimum standards from the 1997 Uniform Housing Code for floor area, structural components, sanitation, heating, ventilation, electrical components, emergency escape, occupancy, infestation of insects or vermin, and smoke detectors.