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1. I have a drainage ditch in front of my property and would like to fill it in. Who do I call?
2. How often does the City maintain detention ponds?
3. There is a missing catch basin grate in my neighborhood. Who should I call?
4. If I call the City with a complaint, when should I expect a response?
5. My neighbor has redirected water onto my property. What can the City do to help?
6. I have a City drainage easement on my property. What does that mean?
7. Someone dumped paint into the catch basin near my home. Is that okay or should I call the City?
8. Will the City spray our neighborhood detention pond for mosquitoes?
9. I have a lot of water in my crawl space. Can the City do anything to help?
10. Can you recommend a good drainage contractor?
11. There are leaves covering the drain in the street. Who should I call?